Bikini Body Guide: Kayla Itsines Workout Plan

Kayla Itsines’ Workout Plan

So, who needs a good workout plan? Are you willing to spend tons of money? If so, keep reading. If not, move on. I heard about this chick named Kayla Itsines, and how her workout plan is one of the top rated fitness guides out there. And also. And even to diet that you can get from is going to have you dropping weight fast, and all from the safety and comfort of your own kitchen. So how could I not invest in her program myself, to see if guide really lived up to the hype?kayla itsines workout plan

So this is my review Kayla Itsines workout plan. Also known as the bikini body fitness guide. To start off, it’s certainly impressive. The guide is completely chock full of information and helpfulness that helps you follow the fitness portion as well as the diet portion to a “T”. Then, there’s the fact that she manages to speak in a manner that is helpful for both newbies and professionals who could just be testing our her guide to make sure everything is up to par. Those are the pros.

The cons are the price, and holy hell – the CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Her customer support is atrocious! You can go for days without receiving responses on purchase issues (which I had) or even trying to get certain logistical issues worked out. Let me tell you, if you have any sort of issue with Kayla itsines’ fitness plan when you start off her workout, you’re going to be screwed. And you better have your diet in check too, know what you’re allergic to, know about substitutions, and all that good jazz. If you run into one thing that you can’t decipher on your own, the bikini body guide truly leaves you up a creek without a paddle. An unfortunate truth.

Ultimately, I liked the guide but I was definitely not blown away by it in any stretch of the imagination. It’s worth a check out, but if you don’t get a coupon code for it invest your money somewhere else.

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