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Kayla Itsines Review –  BBG

Kayla Itsines Workout

Are you looking into buying the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) from Kayla Itsines? Not sure if you can trust that the other reviews of the program are unbiased? If so, look no further than my own personal experience trying to lose weight. I’m personally the type of person who struggles to maintain a strict diet and workout plan, so if you understand that feeling you might find that my experience resonates with you.

I first decided to try and do something about my weight after I ran into one of my old friends from high school. The first words out of his mouth, which reflects on him just as much as it does on me, “Hey! When are you expecting?” Moments later, he was rubbing his slapped-red cheeks and apologizing profusely (I kid, I’m not a violent person). But this did give me a reason to pause. Since this person had last seen me, in the good old high school days, I had managed to gain 35 pounds of weight.

And while this was due in part to a busy schedule working a full-time job in addition to raising a kid, I was no longer going to let these facts of life hold me back. I was determined to shake this weight off.

The process wasn’t as easy as the commercials tend to make it seem.

I had to jump around, trying various fad diets and workouts. P90X? Tried it. Shaun T’s insanity? Tried it. My aunt’s recommended juice-only diet? Tried it – for just a few hours. No matter how many studies seemed to back these wildly varying workouts and meal plans, I struggled to find something that I could really latch on to.

The problem with depending on all of these wonder supplements, diet pills, and crash diets, is that too many of them involve a drastic change in your lifestyle. One day you’re doing you, and the next you’re waking up earlier, eating foods you’ve never even heard of, spending 2 hours in the gym, swallowing 8 pills and on-and-on.

That much change brought on out of nowhere is setting yourself up for failure.

This sort of insight did not come to me easy. I had to spend a lot of time and a LOT of MONEY to get to the point where I realized that wasting my time and effort on the wrong programs was not the route to go down.

I wanted to achieve perfection, and I needed to buckle down and figure out which beach body workout would help me in my goal. I didn’t want to cheat, nor turn to surgery (like liposuction) to try and have all the weight drained out of me.

It took me almost a full year, but by the end of it I got very good and analyzing when a program was good or when it was full of nonsense, designed to sell copies without actually providing value.

I think I was about 4 months into trying crap exercise plans when I first saw Kayla Itsines appears on television. It was some sort of fitness show that I was watching, and she started giving excellent advice about working out in general, the type of stuff I wished I had been exposed to much earlier in my journey. At the end of the show, she dropped a line and advertised her own fitness plan, the Bikini Body Guide. And I’m just thinking –

“Whoa. Sounds exactly like what I’m looking for.”

She advertised that her guide would help users achieve fantastic results in 12 weeks or less, but only as long as they were capable of sticking with the program that she outlined completely. This struck a chord with me, because she threw in the corollary that good results would only come to those who were able to stick to the program.

It could easily have been nonsense, but I decided to put faith into her.  I decided to give the Kayla itsines guide a chance to impress me.

Before I go further, I can tell you right now that the program was certainly decent, but it definitely wasn’t the Hail Mary that I was believing it to be at this point in time. I’ll go more into the specifics further down in the review, but for now, let’s start from the top.

Who Is Kayla Itsines?

I mean, really. At this point, I was looking into starting week 1 of the program, but all I really knew about her was that she was on the show that I was watching, and she sounded like she knew what she was saying. Other than that, I had no proof she wasn’t a 500 pound guy CGI’ed into a kayla itsines age and bodyfitness model. OK – that’s obviously a joke, but you get what I mean.

As it turns out, Kayla Itsines is a 24-year-old Australian and a certified personal fitness trainer. For me personally, this inspired both confidence and doubt at the same time. Her success at a young age is admirable, but it immediately made me wonder if I could really trust the information she would share.

But losing weight takes motivation, and Kayla has that in spades. She compiled all the information she knew about working out into the BBG PDF, and then she proceeded to start her own company. From there, she built up the brand simply through self-promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinerest.

This is a millennial who was using the tools she knew best to become something.

Mark Zuckerberg, if he was a fit young female?

After learning all this, I decided to purchase the BBG ebook and try it out for myself. I figured that someone wouldn’t go through all this trouble to advertise herself if she wasn’t producing quality content, right?

What is the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide?

Now that I knew who Kayla was, the next step was figuring out what exactly her bikini workout was. As it turns out, the workout guide she created is actually two separate products that can be purchased together or in a bundle. There’s also a diet/eating plan guide called the “H.E.L.P. Nutrition Guide” that you can purchase in a bundle or as a standalone PDF.

Now, the real kicker: Each guide costs $69.97 each. EACH. And she doesn’t even offer any coupon codes! The best you can do is get the bundles at a discount of around $120 each.

The programs are each tailored for women, and aim to help you achieve that slim figure that you can call your “perfect beach body’. Quite an expensive transformation, Kayla…

What Comes in the Ebook?

There are two separate PDF workout guides, and I bought both to analyze them for information.

  1. The Bikini Body Workouts Guide – a 189 page PDF that details the exercise plan that Kayla advises her “BBG Girls” to follow if they want to slim down and build a hot bod. This covers a 12 week program, or more if you BBG top workout programpurchase the second guide as well (which simply serves as a continuation of the information in the first one). Believe it or not, there is no additional material in each guide.
  2. Then, we have the HELP Nutrition Plan – which is a collection of proven articles and information that outlines the fundamentals and benefits of having a healthy eating plan. It includes information on meal timing, as well as a diet plan for a couple of weeks. If you get the full bundle, you can get both workouts and food guide packaged together.

What sets the BBG Apart?

We’ve talked about Kayla, and we’ve talked about her workout guide. It’s expensive, that’s for sure. But how is the content? Is there a reason that it’s so wildly renowned?

My honest opinion: there is no reason.

  1. The guide is not comprehensive – Kayla has managed to cut up each portion of the ideal workout guide (the guide itself and complimentary diet plan) and sell them as their own individual portions. She doesn’t provide any sort of supplementary videos, such as instructional videos, and also doesn’t provide ground-breaking information. The guide seems engineered to make her as much money as possible, and she even advertises a few of her own branded equipment.
  2. It’s expensive. To get the complete BBG, you have to get the workout for weeks 1-12, the next workout for weeks 13-24, then the HELP diet/recipe guide. That’s 3 products, three overpriced product that would come together if this was anyone else selling this type of information.

And it’s not even all that effective!

I was so pissed off after buying this workout that I ended up discovering an alternative that works even better. That was an experience that forever altered my opinion.


The BBG Review Conclusions

I saw results at first – that much is undeniable. However, at the end of the day between restricting my calories to a mere 1600 a day and then having to work out every day (30 minutes per day as Kayla instructs) I found myself struggling to maintain the results.

The bottom line is that the Bikini Body Guide just did not work for me. When I swapped to another program – the Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout system – I saw much better results, and ultimately ended up losing 40 pounds and reaching my desired weight. And the best part is that it cost a fraction of what Kayla Itsines’s guide costs.


Pros and Cons of the bikini body guide:


– Exercises aren’t complicated (like some Crossfit routines I’ve tried).

– Eases you into some lesser known forms of exercise (such as LISS) with information to pack the recommendation.

– The HELP Nutrition guide even has a vegetarian option.

– Sold through an online retailer, meaning you get access to the PDF immediately upon downloading.


– Super Expensive

– Before and after results may not be permanent – it’s a tough guide to stick to for a long period of time.

– Calls for you to work out every day, for people with more active/busy lives this is less feasible.

– Equipment required, many of them (fit bit? Foam roller?) being less common; resulting in added costs or required gym membership.

– No video guides or free supplemental material.

– 1600 calorie limit is below the FDA recommended 2000.

Overall, Kayla managed to create decent quality content, but for the price you can get a much better option if you choose. I highly suggest that anyone considering a beach body workout/diet plan looking into Jen Ferruggia’s program instead, because at the age of 37 I was able to lose 40 pounds like it was NOTHING using Jen’s exercises.

I suggest you check out my review of the Jen Ferruggia program for more information.



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