Kayla Itsines PDF – Worth It?

Kayla Itsines PDF- The BIkini Body Guide

So I decided to pick up the bikini body guide PDF created by that Australian fitness model name Kayla Itsines. I wasn’t able to find a free download, so I decide to go ahead and pay the full price for the workout and to get her additional meal plan as well. Going to cover my personal thoughts in this review, and give you sort of my before and after feelings on the nutrition guide, the workout PDF, and my thoughts on Kayla Itsines as a person as well.

So, for those you don’t know, Kayla Itsines has a blog and is a fitness guru. She has millions of followers on social media, and has even appeared on game shows and talkshows. She goes on them not only advertising her own product, but just giving out generally good advice as far as exercise and health goes. This is the reason I decided to trust her in the first place. I was also just looking for a killer ab workout to be honest.

Speaking of workouts, Kayla Itsines definitely delivers the information that a newcomer to working out would need. And yes, her ab workout is indeed fantastic. But even more so, Kayla Itsines just managed to create an excellent PDF and meal plan that will happy being healthy and Jen, at home, and in your kitchen. That is impressive, no matter what anybody says.

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This is why there are millions of people who are happy with the bikini body guide workout. It’s very hard to be disappointed when you getting all the guidance possible. If it wasn’t for the expensive price, and by the way, the price is indeed expensive, I would be a totally happy customer. When it comes to fitness, there just cheaper options as far as workouts go. This blog isnt for me to try and sell you on different ab workouts per se, I just wanted to raise awareness that he should probably do your research into other alternatives before you drop $200 on this one guide.

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